Healthy Habits for 2018: easy ways to feel happier in 2018

I started my last blog The Laws of Bliss in 2016 as an experimentation in health and happiness. I wanted to try out different practices and activities that I thought could make me feel happier and healthier. I learned how to get the perfect night of sleep, that being kind to strangers makes me very happy, and that not eating sugar is definitely healthier than eating sugar in mass quantities. 

In 2017, as food photography/styling, Instagram/Youtube, and a new career took over my life, these health and happiness projects took a back seat. Actually, they took more of a trunk seat. They were pretty non-existent. I stopped meditating and exercising regularly, despite overwhelming evidence that these two activities substantially boost physical and mental health. I didn't see my friends as much, despite the knowledge that strong friendships are a key indicator of happiness. And I started being really mean to strangers for no damn reason.

Just kidding about that last one. That would be cruel. But the other stuff is sadly true, so I decided to devote a good chunk of 2018 to taking back my time and using it for activities that I know (or think) will make me happier and healthier. 

And since it's 2018, I'll be trying out 18 different practices that I think will lead to greater health and happiness. To hold myself accountable, I'll be doing a vlog over on Youtube about each practice and sharing my tips for how to incorporate each of these activities into your life. I hope you follow along my journey and find ways to adapt these activities to your life!  You can find the first vlog here!


Here are my 18 healthy habits for 2018!

1. Add more hygge to my life

2.  Adopt a consistent exercise schedule

3. Bring back the romance

4. Treat myself regularly

5. Read one book a month

6. Take better care of my skin

7. Plan more travels

8. Get organized on a big picture level

9. Minimize clutter. 

10. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. 

11. Incorporate mindfulness

12. Eat 7 vegetables a day

13. Find ways to be more frugal

14. Spend more time in nature

15. Clean my apartment for 5 minutes a day

16. Keep a daily gratitude journal

17. Focus on friendship

18. Volunteer more often

Have you set any goals for 2018? I would love to hear them! Wishing you lots of joy and laughter in the new year!