The 7-Day Vegan Challenge

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Whether you’ve been vegan for years or a lifelong omnivore, this 7-day vegan meal plan will fuel you physically, mentally, and emotionally with nourishing feel-good foods that are 100% delicious (and maybe even a little indulgent).

7-day vegan challenge

Challenge Details

  • You can start the challenge as soon as you receive the welcome email, or you can wait a few days or weeks until it’s the right time for you.

  • All of these recipes in this challenge are vegan, and most of the recipes are gluten-free. If a recipe is not gluten-free, there is a gluten-free option or alternative provided.

  • Some of these recipes use an Instant Pot or other electric pressure cooker; when that is the case, there’s always an alternative meal for those who don’t have one.

Tips for Success on the Challenge

Embrace Leftovers

If you are cooking for one or have a lot of leftovers, spread them out throughout the week. No need to make a new recipe if you already have leftovers that you enjoy.

Stock Up

Make sure you have some vegan staples in your kitchen before starting the challenge. Some of my pantry staples include tahini, nut butters, olive oil, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, and a variety of spices. For more ideas, head to the blog for a three-part series on my favorite vegan pantry essentials.

Plan Ahead

If you know you’ll be starving when you get home from work, make sure your dinner is at least partially prepped (there are lots of options for leftovers in this challenge!). If you’re dining out during the challenge, be sure to call the restaurant in advance to ensure there are vegan options.

Shop Local

Visit your local farmer’s market to stock up on produce for this challenge. You’ll be surprised how much fresher, sweeter, and crisper vegetables and fruits taste when they’re grown/shipped locally and in season.

7-day vegan challenge

Don’t Demand Perfection

You don’t have to make every single meal, cook everything from scratch, and buy everything organic. No time to milk almonds? Store-bought almond milk is just fine. Don’t feel like cooking the Day 6 dinner because you still have leftovers from Day 5? No problem. And this is simply a vegan challenge. You don’t have to also make it a gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, oil-free challenge as well. Do what is most suitable and sustainable for your lifestyle.

Enlist Support

Get your family and friends involved in this challenge! If you do the cooking in your household, get your family to eat vegan with you. If you have a vegan-curious friend, get them to join the challenge with you! And don’t be afraid to seek support from me! Drop me a line on on Instagram or by email.

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