Rainbow Plant Life
Rainbow Plant Life

YouTube Videos

Below you'll find some of my Youtube videos. You can view all of them on my Youtube channel

Food Styling & Food Photography Tutorial

Come behind the scenes with me in my apartment as I show you how to photograph some cranberry muffins! 


  • How I style and set different scenes 
  • The camera settings I use to take different kinds of photos 
  • How I take action photos and use photography to tell a story 

Trader Joe's Vegan Grocery Haul

Here are some of my favorite vegan items at Trader Joe's (healthy and not so healthy)! 


  • My favorite vegan items at Trader Joe's
  • Quick and easy meal ideas to make with these ingredients  

18 Healthy Habits for 2018

My list of 18 realistic goals and practices to work in 2018 to feel healthier and happier


  • A list of 18 positive practices that you can easily incorporate into your life that you will actually look forward to 
  • Why I don't make New Year's resolutions 
  • How I plan to live a more relaxed life with more self-care and love in 2018 

Easiest Ever Vegan Meal Prep

A healthy vegan grocery haul + grocery shopping list + the easiest ever healthy vegan meal prep 


  • A budget grocery shopping list: five meals a day for five days and each meal is less than $2
  • 5 incredibly easy and healthy recipes: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert 
  • Tips on how to make meal prep easy and healthy 

How to Hygge

How to create the Danish art of hygge ("coziness for the soul") in your life


  • What is hygge? 
  • How you can incorporate hygge into your life to feel cozier and happier
  • My favorite ways to hygge that have helped me feel happier

Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas

Healthy, quick vegan lunch ideas + bento box lunch ideas that are perfect for school or work  


  • Healthy vegan bento box lunch ideas that require minimal cooking and prep 
  • 3 hearty lunch recipes + 3 healthy snack options 
  • Perfect for taking to school or work

Tips on How to Heal Your Gut

Some of the best plant-based sources of probiotics and prebiotics that can help heal your gut 


  • Why gut health is so important and affects your overall health
  • Th best plant-based sources of probiotics and prebiotics 
  • How to incorporate these gut healthy foods into your diet and heal your gut 

My Vegan Story

Why I went vegan and questions to commonly asked questions about my vegan story 


  • How I effortlessly gave up cheese 
  • How my healthy has improved since going vegan
  • Some of the struggles of being vegan and how I deal with them