Pantry Staples

These are some of my favorite vegan food products and pantry staples that help me whip up delicious and nourishing meals and treats. If you have any questions, head over to the Contact page and drop me a line.


Hemp Hearts

one of my favorite sources of proteins

Blackstrap Molasses

a rich sweetener packed with iron and calcium

Raw Cacao Nibs

nature's finest - i use these to top desserts, oatmeals, and smoothies

Raw + Organic Protein Powder

raw + organic protein powder that I use in smoothies

Dark Chocolate Bar

My go-to dark chocolate bar for baking and snacking that’s affordable and widely available

Organic Ground Flaxseed Meal

one of my favorite sources of Omega-3 fatty acids

Organic Maple Syrup

the best maple syrup - organic, from a family farm and high-quality

Organic Matcha Powder

culinary-grade matcha powder for matcha tea, lattes, and smoothies

Superfine Almond Flour

superfine almond flour - the best almond flour for grain-free baking

Arrowroot Flour/Powder

A more natural thickening agent to cornstarch that I use to thicken sauces, jams and desserts

Organic Chia Seeds

another favorite source of Omega-3 fatty acids

Raw Cacao Powder

my favorite superfood - i use this for hot chocolate, smoothies, and raw desserts

Organic Mushroom Supplement

organic mushroom powder that I take when I need to boost my immune system

Organic Coconut Flour

organic coconut flour for grain-free, Paleo baking


My go-to brand for smooth, delicious tahini

Organic Raw Coconut Butter

liquid goal and a great substitute for oil in baking


Spirulina Powder

most protein-packed food in the world and it makes a damn beautiful smoothie bowl

Activated Charcoal

Food grade activated charcoal that I use for digestive health and regularity

Probiotic Supplement

the best probiotic supplement I've tried - works like a charm

Chickpea Flour

My choice for making French toast, quiches, crepes and other vegan goodies (it’s also gluten-free)

These are all the photography items I use for taking photos and filming videos, in addition to some staple foods I regularly use to make recipes.

If you see something that strikes your fancy and purchase it through this link, I receive a very small commission, which helps me continue doing the work I love. There is no additional cost to you, and I only recommend products I personally use and love and think you will find useful.

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