Photography Gear

This is all the gear I use to photograph recipes and film videos. If you have any questions, head over to the Contact page and drop me a line.


Nikon D750 camera

the camera I use for food photography and filming videos - i love this camera

Nikon D3300 camera

the first DSLR camera I bought and used for food photography

SLIK Sprint Pro II Tripod

the tripod I use for travel photography and some food photography

Magnus VT-4000

the tripod I use for filming videos

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

where I rest my phone while cooking and reading recipes or while filming videos for Instagram Stories

iphone stand.jpg

phone stand/tripod

I use this to film overhead Stories/videos using my iPhone

Nikon AF-S FX 50mm f/1.8G Lens

the lens I use the most for food photography, lifestyle photos, and portraits - this lens is amazing & inexpensive

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens

the lens I use for food photography with the Nikon D3300

Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control

the remote I use to take photos without touching the shutter button

donut peaches - bag tone curve (1 of 1).jpg

Food photography surfaces

food photography surfaces; use the code NISHA for 10% off.

Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive

how I store all of my videos and photos without taking up space on my laptop


USB cable for nikon

The cable I use with my Nikon D750 to tether to my computer so I can edit in realtime in Lightroom

Nikon AF-S FX 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED Zoom Lens

the lens I use for wide-angle shots and for landscape photos

Manfrotto Dual Ball Tripod

the tripod I use for food photography (very sturdy)

Sony Cybershot RX100 V Digital Camera

the camera I use for vlogging and filming on the go

spring salad - 3 bowls on pink (1 of 1) (1).jpg

Food photography surfaces

from Woodville Backdrops

5-in-1 Photo Reflectors

the reflectors I use to brighten or darken photos

64GB SD memory card

fast memory card that I use for photos & videos

Nikon AF-S FX VR Micro (Macro) 105mm f/2.8G Lens

the lens I use for "macro" style shots to get close up and give detail

Audio-Technica PRO 70 Lavalier Microphone

the microphone I use for filming videos

Manfrotto Overhead Arm

the overhead arm I use with my Manfrotto tripod to take overhead shots

JOBY GorillaPod

the tripod I use with my Sony CyberShot for vlogging

Bower Variable Neutral Density Filter (58mm)

the filter i use on my 50mm lens to block out light when it's too bright outside


Diffusion fabric

a white fabric I sometimes hang across my window to diffuse sunlight